workwear to weekend

If you’re like me, you probably tend to buy more workwear than casual clothing. I originally bought this houndstooth blouse from Eloquii [on sale here: ] to wear with a suit, but I love the idea of getting more use out of it. Not only is the shape of this blouse utter perfection, but it has leather trim! The leather inspired me to take the blouse to new heights! So I popped on my favorite vintage scarf, worn as a headband [similar: ] and slithered into my newest Torrid jeans [buy here:].


Just because you are young, or young at heart, doesn’t mean your outfit can’t be on fleek [find out what that means here ] ! 

These jeans are a little outside of my element [they are the only jeans I own that are distressed] but when I saw them it was love at first sight… these jeans is are adorned with a beautiful velvet patch on the thigh and have no holes. So while they do have texture, they aren’t gosh darned ripped up pants! [insert angry grandpa voice].

This outfit would be cute with a black bag, but since pink is my go-to, I just had to wear this adorable city duffle from Kate Spade [similar: ]

SIZING SHAKEDOWN [come on, we all want to know what size I’m wearing, right?]

houndstooth blouse – size 22

Jeans – size 20

Handbag – size amazing!



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