Remembering our Sunflower, Chevelle Marie Lee 2011-2023🌻

Chevelle Marie Lee 2011-2023🌻

We are deeply saddened to announce the passing of our pitbull, to cancer.

Her daddy rescued her in 2014 and when she came home, she was guarded and reserved. Soon she was stealing tacos off of the table, running away, and making waves at work with dad. She wasn’t into cuddling and rarely offered a kiss. She was still getting used to her new home and playing in her new backyard with her brother Capone.

As time passed on, she grew to love her new dad, and she started to warm up and enjoy playtime with him. She followed him everywhere he went, always looking out to make sure he was safe. She loved to play tug-a-war with him and lay at his feet. They played soccer in the park and she ran in circles when she was most joyous. Her behavior got better with training and she became a fierce protector. She always felt nervous around other dogs and one day, she was attacked and had to have surgery to save her life.

When she met mom a few years later, it wasn’t love at first sight. She was wary of women and wasn’t so sure about this new one who wanted to be so close to daddy. But then mom started bringing her hot dogs and toys and taking her for a pupacino with the top down. Soon she was spending nights at mom’s place and meeting mom’s friends and in time, she grew to appreciate the attention. It didn’t take long for mom to fall in love with her and although mom loved having white bedding and rugs, she loved Chevelle more.

One day her brother got sick and then she didn’t see him anymore but her daddy was still by her side, just as he had been from the beginning.

Sometime later, mom and dad moved in together and the family began a new and much slower life in Tucson. Chevelle got to go on more walks and more hikes than ever and swam almost daily in the summertime. She played with auntie Heather, uncle Kao and baby Livi. She got to meet people often and she spent more time with mom and dad than ever.

As she was getting old, the family of three moved into a new home and for the first time in a long time she had her own backyard again and swam in her own pool. Grandpa played with her when he visited and bought her a water cannon which was her favorite summertime toy.

She visited the ocean and spent Christmases begging and stealing grandma‘s heart (even though grandma didn’t want to admit it).

In the end, there were good and bad days. Some days where she cried, and mom cried, and dad cried too. She had steak and peanut butter and whipped cream, gravy, rotisserie chicken, waffles, eggs and a cheeseburger and she went to the park where she got to say goodbye to her uncle Matt.

She was our sunflower 🌻

Please join us in supporting One Love Arizona,

One Love Pit Bull Foundation is a nonprofit organization that advocates for pit bull type dogs with a focus on shelter programs, pet retention, community outreach and sterilization.

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