We all have finals at one time in our life. Whether your current trials are literally trials, finals, or if you’re picking up some extra overtime, you know that work has to come first. With that said, I wanted to share something personal with you.

When I’m studying for finals, I’m not always dressed as I’d like to be because sometimes I have to put other things ahead of being fashionable. If you follow me on instagram, you may have noticed a post or two from my #reallifeofalawstudent #archives.


Life is not about being pretty. What? Yes, life is not, *I repeat* NOT about being pretty. As women, we all struggle at times as we determine our value. This is an all to familiar subject for me as I can frankly tell you that it took me 10 years after having graduated high school to finally start seeing myself as the strong, loving and hard working person I am.

Being able to study for finals as a 2nd – almost 3rd year law student is an achievement in itself but sometimes I forget that – and sometimes I focus too much on what everyone else is doing instead of recognizing how far I’ve come.

You wont see outfit posts for the rest of the month, as I am studying for finals. But as I’m doing that – I hope you will take a moment to see yourself as you are today – not as you were, not as a fraction of who you want to be. Take a moment to quietly reflect on the person you are today and be proud of that.

I’ll leave you with an adorable meme that one of my law school friends shared on facebook recently!




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