the backyard wedding


Wedding season is so much fun until you start thinking you don’t have the right outfit. What do you wear when attending a “backyard” style wedding? A friend called recently to invite me to her brother’s wedding – its a so-called backyard wedding and will be held later on this summer. Backyard weddings are becoming more and more popular because they allow the couple to share their special day with their loved ones, without breaking the bank.

If you’re like me, once you agree to attend any event, you quickly scan your memory to see if you have something suitable to wear. I usually take extra care when attending a wedding to make sure I’m dressed appropriately – the last thing I’d ever want to do is stand out for the wrong reasons, at someone else’s wedding. Weddings tend to be long events, and you’ll pretty much never catch me at a wedding in heals. So when I started thinking about what I would wear for his wedding, I was looking for something either colorful or somewhat bright. I never wear black to a wedding [unless I’m specifically asked to do so] and I suppose I’m pretty traditional when I say that its not ok to wear white either, what do you think? When I saw this Fashion to Figure dress online, I was really excited. When it arrived I practically squealed with joy – the fabric is almost like a scuba fabric but its very nice and lightweight for summertime, while not being too revealing [I tend to avoid wearing revealing pieces when I know I might be sitting next to someone’s granny].

Because this dress is simple, comfortable and feminine, its literally perfect for so many occasions: a date, an outdoor [casual] wedding or even for brunch with your gal pals – and at under $45 [use code DRESSME for 30% off until June 30], you cant go wrong! [link to buy below] I’m wearing the 3x and although the fabric has some stretch to it, I think its pretty true to size. I recently wore a yellow dress from fashion to figure and a white one, which one was your favorite?

s.IMG_1792 s.IMG_1787 s.IMG_1826s.IMG_1817dress via Fashion to Figure | bag via Louis Vuitton [affordable option] | shoes via Cole Haan [similar] | necklace via Tory Burch [similar]

thx to Nicole for the photos!

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