Fall Essentials

So you’re probably still thinking about summer, but designers have begun trickling in fall things already. If you’re not ready to wear fall clothes that’s totally ok, but keep in mind, some of these fab pieces will sell out before you’re ready. Don’t be like the 2014 Jolene [me ūüė¶ lol] and miss out on that perfect cross-body or the sweater every single blogger is going to buy and undoubtably make you wish you had too.

So I’ve scoured le internets +¬†Nordies’ Anniversary Sale and¬†I’ve picked a few things we probably can’t live without – your welcome ūüėČ [lol]

fall essentials

Let me know in the comments which items are your fav!

So¬†iridescent accessories have been all the rage this summer and I’m betting that oil slick [ie the converse of¬†iridescent] will be my fav¬†this fall. Here are my absolute must have¬†oil slick [dark¬†iridescent] pieces available now: [click each image for details]

_1052045414213856_content_toads211582     1432           ecb0f7626b617851bb34c2e3753631c90400087500470_396x528    NARS-1        31-phillip-lim-black-pashli-medium-oil-slick-patent-leather-satchel-product-1-22507812-6-969839599-normal_large_flex

Now that we’ve got accessories covered, here are a few fab pieces to pair with them:

frfzlg09dn9sdwjotumj1241638_030_1         1231293_100_1purple-over-the-shoulder-two-piece-set-final       image3xxl     cf4e8a8bb13280723f41b81d6d7af710     needyounow3e3bdd71d145cab7a0df3f3b997d7dc14            _10612415     _10785627  _10738872 1021838_033_1image1xxl  image1xxl-1 pr_222503_TQ-1


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