the chic traveler

When I travel, I dress for comfort. This dress is perfect for a day walking the streets of a new city, walking into and out of hundred year old buildings or just lounging on the boardwalk. It is adventurous and fun yet very chic. I’ve paired it with a bag that can be both a crossbody or handheld. Its made of a soft leather and has style points similar to a Balenciaga – for a much lower price [try your local outlet – or similar bag linked below].

I love how this dress makes me feel – its so versatile and comfortable. It would be gorgeous right into the evening with a sleek clutch. This print is sold out – but you might find it on Poshmark, or Ebay –  you can still get it in black [see link below]s.IMG_2834

s.IMG_2808    s.IMG_2867 s.IMG_2849

Get my conditioner HERE!  s.IMG_2831s.IMG_280k3dress [similar] | shoes [similar] | bag via Coach [similar] | sunnies [similar affordable]


Thx to Nicole for the photos!

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