first dates

When planning an outfit for a first date – I have a few requirements.

  1. The look must be fashion forward but not too daring. I tend to be a bit conservative for a first date.

IMG_67972. Personality is everything, no wait, thats fit. Fit is everything! Nothing makes me feel more uncomfortable than an ill fitting outfit. This skirt [2x] fits like a dream and is made of a stretchy scuba-like material. The t-shirt is a straight size large [cotton, some stretch]


3. Less is more. Less skin showing that is – I think this one is self explanatory.

IMG_69454. Comfort is king. This one is huge – when I’m going  on a first date with someone new, I want to be comfortable because I want prospective bae to see me in the best light possible. If I’m nervous about what I’m wearing – because it doesn’t feel good when I move in it, I’m not going to be emanating my best self.

IMG_6783 IMG_6760

skirt  c/o FTF| shoes [similar] | top [similar] | clutch


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