Moving into Barbie’s Dreamhouse Part 1

Last night I dreamt that all of my dreams came true. When I woke up this morning, I realized that most of them have already and the others are firmly planted in my mind as future goals. If you had asked me 10 years ago if I’d ever get into law school and move to California, I probably would have laughed it off. When I moved to Arizona, it was sort of a safe choice for me because the cost of living is lower and Phoenix is a smaller city than Los Angeles but I always wanted to live in California. I’ve known that since the first time my parents took me to Rodeo Drive, when I was just a kid. But, the wildest part of all of this is that Rodeo Drive is now in my neighborhood. I’m still waiting for that to sink in.  s.IMG_6625

This week, I moved to Beverly Hills. I’ve been working on this transition for the last couple of months and it has been quite a project. When I decided to move, I did tons of research to find the most economical way to make this move happen. If you’ve moved across the country or even to a neighboring state, you know how easy it is to spend thousands of dollars getting moved. I looked at a few different options for moving – hiring a moving company, renting a truck and making the drive myself and using storage containers to ship everything. Renting a truck was the most economical but I really didn’t want to drive a big truck 6 hours – I can’t even imagine the headache that would be – and then what was I going to do with my car? I reached out to UPack  for pricing and they helped me estimate the size of the storage container that I would need as well as number of boxes and moving supplies. Choosing UPack was a no-brainer because they provided everything I needed.

All I had to do was pack!


So I goofed around a bit…


and then I got serious…


well, kind of…


I hired movers to load and unload the containers and the process was really easy.  UPack delivered the containers in the evening so that the movers  could load them up the next morning.


20160613_234151 (1)

But before the movers came, I had to take a selfie.


And in typical Barbie fashion, I got even more excited!!


When everything was ready to go, I called UPack and they returned and loaded the containers onto a truck.

20160614_114142 They had initially guaranteed that the containers would arrive in California within 2 days but I got a call the very next day and found out they were already there! I elected to unload the containers at their facility in Pico Rivera and have everything transported to Beverly Hills.


The best part about working with UPack is that they helped me at every step of the way – from providing advice about where to place the containers, how to pack them and they even sent me a moving kit! I’ll never move the old way again. This is absolutely the BEST way to move.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of my move  – which includes my first ever vlog and my moving day outfit details!! 

Special thanks to UPack for sponsoring my move & this project! All opinions are my own.

Thanks to Fansy Photography for these gorgeous images. Follow her on Instagram here!

& Thank you SO MUCH to my LA friends for helping me get settled! I couldn’t have done this without you ❤

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