Goodbye summer

I’m ending the summer season with one last swim post. If you haven’t heard of SwimsuitsforAll, let me tell you all about their fantastic swimsuits. Made famous by collabing with Ashley Graham & Gabifresh, their suits are totally poppin! I tried three suits and a couple of swimcovers. Unfortunately, only one of the swimcovers fit me but I was much luckier with the suits. I’m wearing the size 20 in the one piece (should have sized up), a 24 in the Gabi Fresh bottoms, 20E/F in the Gabi Fresh top and a 22 in the floral high waisted suit. The pink swim cover is really comfortable and I’m so glad I got it – because it totally doubles as pjs as well. [links below]

If you’re looking for overall fit advice about finding a plus size swimsuit, click here!s.IMG_7481


one-piece, GabiFresh bikini, swim cover [see the third suit here]


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