When I was in middle school, my best friend told me “you would be pretty if you lost weight.” I was really hurt. I knew that a friend shouldn’t say that so I stopped hanging out with her but I didn’t really realize how ridiculous that was until I was an adult.

Years later, every time I thought of her, all I remembered was what a jerk she was but she wasn’t the only person that made comments like that to me. As an adult, I’ve heard comments like that on more occasions than I’d like to admit. These days the result is still the same – but it doesn’t hurt me anymore.

#idefinepretty is all about each of us taking control and defining what pretty is – and that’s an idea I can get behind. Whether you’re an adult or a teenager, taking control of your own beliefs about beauty can be incredibly powerful. For more info about #idefinepretty, click here!

Last night, I went to a Wet Seal party. It was such a blast – if you’re on Snapchat  add me to see the story! [boardroomblonde] They sent this adorable outfit and I am so excited to tell you about the jeans. I’m wearing the 22 and they fit so well! They’re such a nice length on me with almost no extra fabric at the ankle [I’m 5’4]. I love how they feel and they didn’t stretch out like some jeans do. I feel like I need them in every color. I paired them with this super cute top, very comfortable booties and this new crossbody bag. The bag even has an adjustable strap so that it will accommodate larger chests! [links below]

*2020 Update, linking to similar jeans/pants HERE, HERE & HERE 

Similar top HERE,, & HERE

s.IMG_8932s.IMG_8966s.IMG_8934s.IMG_8954s.IMG_8931jeans | top | bag | booties

Look c/o Wet Seal. All opinions are my own.

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