Long hair, long lashes, long life

Ok, so the logic is a bit shaky here but for the past 5 years I’ve been really trying to focus on growing my hair as long as possible. All jokes aside – I always feel more beautiful when my hair and lashes are long.  So when I heard about this new lash growth brand at Sephora I was excited. I also picked up this new collection of hair products and I’m so happy to tell you about them. Both new product lines are luxurious, but Show’s packaging is on a whole new level.

Ok, so lets talk results. The shampoo is moisturizing and honestly a little too much so for me but if you have dry or damaged hair you’re going to need it. My fav products so far are the conditioner, leave in and body oil. The entire Show product line is scented and I feel so classy when I use it. It totally lives up to my idea of the lifestyle I’d like to become accustomed to 😉

And, the mascara is… LOVELY! I feel like my lashes are already looking longer after a couple uses. (links below)


get the collection here! & the Mascara here!

(all products gifted, opinions all mine)

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