Berry Chic

F A L L is here and I am diving in. I think this is the first fall season that I am really feeling excited about the outfits I’m putting together. One of the things that has helped is getting a little more organized – which is really tough because I have a constant influx of clothing coming in and out of my closet (due to new orders and my ongoing closet sale).

Are you interested in hearing more about how I’m getting organized? I’m thinking of doing a youtube video – and maybe a series about this because it really is an ongoing project for me but getting my closets organized helps me to be my best – most fashionable self.

So this Spring, I ordered a truly amazing dress from LB and when I saw that they redid it for fall and added sleeves and made it in a berry (one of my fav fall tones) I just knew it would be perfect under this very chic and affordable jacket that was already on the way.

So let me tell you about this dress – I’m talking all about it in a video coming up on my youtube channel this week! You’ll see why its so amazing!IMG_9786IMG_9859IMG_9809

dress (16) | jacket (3) | bag | shoes (similar) | sunnies (similar) | scarf (similar)



Outfit c/o brands linked. All opinions are my own.

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