Suede & Cream + luxury jeans

So over the years, I had really honestly given up on Lane Bryant’s jeans. This is up until about a year ago – LB sent me a sample of some new designs and I was WOW’d. It was as if they had cut them for me. So this pair is no exception. They feel like luxury jeans – the fabric is stretchy but they don’t have so much stretch at the waist that they lose their shape AND they even have a really nice style detail that for me – makes all the difference. They’re classy enough to wear to the office on casual day but chic enough to still make the cut if you want something that isn’t basic.

I paired them with a very comfortable pair of booties, cream blouse with a fresh twist and my newest fav jacket (which is totally affordable too)! Links below.


booties | jeans (18)| jacket (3) | blouse | bag


Outfit c/o brands linked. All opinions are my own.

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