Thirty Six

“Well these two must be your sisters” he said, smile peeking through his mustache. Her hair was long and blonde; she stood at 5 feet, 6 inches with piercing blue eyes.

1995 was the last year we all really had together before she left. She was 36 and I was 12.  We spent summer nights watching our favorite tv shows and the days were long. I didn’t know that it wouldn’t last – that she would leave and that one day I would wake up not knowing the next time I would see my mother.

I didn’t know that when she would return, she would never really return.

This post is dedicated to the memory of that year – her 36th. I’m turning 36 today – and recently, I’ve spent a lot of time remembering the way my mother was then. She never knew how beautiful and deserving of love she was. That is the kind of knowledge that can only come from within – so today, I’m sharing with you, just how important it is to show yourself love as you get older.

One of the ways I choose to love myself is to take care of myself and buy things that make me feel glamourous. So today, I’m teaming up with Lane Bryant to show you some of my favorite glam pieces and tell you what wearing the right things can do for you.

Whether my boyfriend and I are taking the dog for a walk, or I’m just at home relaxing and reading a book by myself, wearing glamorous clothing that makes me feel beautiful adds to the experience. I enjoy the luxurious fabrics and the way good fitting clothing just makes me feel comfortable in my skin.


joggers | jacket | puffer coat


chemise (14/16) | robe (14/16)


This dress is the ultimate birthday party look – this velvet dress is in one of my favorite colors – teal velvet and it fits just like it should. (link below)IMG_2618IMG_2537 copy

velvet dress




I’ll leave you with this: recognize your own beauty because the younger generations around you soak up everything you put out into the world.  

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