Furbaby Travel Essentials

If it’s after 9pm and I’m home, I am more than likely wearing a sheet mask or trying new products to perfect my skincare routine. It is one of my favorite ways to relax.

The baby sits next to me most of the time and I have often wondered if there was some way I could treat her to the same experience.  She also has some spots she just seems to itch too much, so we’ve been on the hunt for products to soothe her skin. The only thing I felt comfortable using on her in the past was coconut oil – and I’ve learned that although she enjoys the taste, coconut oil can be too much for her digestive system and can be upsetting for her the next morning.

This year, we’re going to San Francisco for the holidays, check out our Thanksgiving trip below!

I’m excited to share our new favorite travel essentials, links below!


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20191110_204013 (1)

Grooming Spray

In between baths, we like to use a grooming spray which we’ve found helps to keep our babe smelling her best. This one is all natural – which makes using it completely worry free. We spray it on her about 3-5 days after a bath which tends to keep her smelling great until it’s time to bathe again.

Skin & Itch

Our pup scratches herself too much. We have tried tons of things to try to relieve her from this bad habit but are really excited to have finally found a product that helps – All Natural Pet’s skin and itch relief.


Use code AFBRB15 for 15% off!

Shampoo & Conditioner

Using a natural shampoo and conditioner for our baby is really important to us because we want her to live as long as possible and don’t want any products around her that could harm her. I know you probably feel the same way about your furbaby too!

We’ve found that a good quality shampoo and conditioner makes all the difference in the softness of her fur too! The two things we’ve found to keep her fur the softest are a proper grooming routine and fish oil.

Fish Oil

A high quality fish oil can be an excellent addition to a pup’s diet because it tends to make their fur soft while also offering tons of other benefits including improved cognitive function, anti-inflammation and more!

Use code AFBRB15 for 15% off!


The best part about this fish oil, is that she loves it! We add a tablespoon to prepared meals and she is really excited to eat. This morning, I made her a rice and chicken soup with salmon oil and she ate the entire bowl. Let me know in the comments if you want the recipe!

What are your favorite travel essentials for your furbaby?

Use code AFBRB15 for 15% off!



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