fall outfit inspiration: brown & black

Today’s outfit inspiration is the perfect wear to the office look. I love all of these pieces individually and I think each one works really well with tons of other great looks.

Best of all, most of these items are 50% off today! Shop the look here!


One Comment

  1. Jeannee Waseck (@JeanneeWaseck)

    This coat especially caught my eye, so I looked it up and – no, sorry. It has no lining, which means it’s not going to be so good below forty degrees – and no closure, which means spending additional money on huge scarves, or risk freezing in an open coat! Vegan faux leather is another word for Polyurethane, which is a chemical process that can harm workers – not to mention flammable next to an open flame ;- And the care instructions say to handwash cold – are you kidding?! handwash a full-sized coat?! who does that?!!


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