is leopard too predictable for fall? | fall print trends

This is a safe space for all of us – even those of us who own more leopard pieces than our friends & family members. Don’t let anyone tell you that you wear too much of anything. Fashion is expression.

If you didn’t know, leopard is a neutral. so whether it is novel to you or not, it is a great pattern to invest in because there are so many ways to wear it year after year. 

I have a few favorite leopard pieces I’ve worn for the past few years. Here are some of my favorites:

One item I’ve loved wearing over the years is a simple long sleeve crew neck leopard top. The one I had been wearing had really gotten faded and needed to be replaced. Instead of shopping high end, I elected to purchase an affordable top for $7 and I’m so glad I did. Click the photo below for details.

I have leopard mules, heels, scarves, pants and tops. The only thing I don’t currently own is a leopard bag so I thought it would be fun to share the ones I currently have in my cart along with some other great leopard pieces I feel like I need. Which one (or 10) should I get? 😉

Who What Wear says Leopard is predicatable for fall. Do you agree?

Personally, I don’t think anyone can keep me from wearing my favorite fall neutral – predictable or not. I don’t care.

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