fall brown affordable fall look under $25

Style isn’t about how much I spent or who likes my outfit. It isn’t about accolades, recognition or some fashion editor telling me what not to wear because I have a fat body. Fashion is the joy of solving the question of what is the most pleasing or interesting way to wear this? Being fat before it was popular (I’m still uncertain whether it is socially acceptable), I had to learn to be fashionable with limited options. When I was in high school, I sometimes shopped in the mens section at Goodwill. It was the only place I could find a pair of navy blue pinstripe slacks to wear with my white sneakers, teal lycra tank and satin trimmed cardigan.

I looked to the popular girls for style inspiration yes – but never dreamed about shopping where they shopped for clothes. I sometimes walked through stores like Banana Republic and JCrew only to find myself fantasizing about shrinking my hips so that I could be a girl who could wear something, anything they sold.

Because I had to work so hard, for so long to be cute, I feel like it is easy to have cute clothes now but I know that isn’t the same for everyone. Fashion has to be accessible for everyone. Yes, plus fashion still has a long way to go but I’m optimistic about it – for the first time ever, I’m finding really great pieces in store at big box stores in my neighborhood that I can fit into and that my friends is progress!

Shop my very VERY affordable look here! (Don’t worry, I found you an affordable scarf too!)

Make sure you size down in the dress it runs big! Shop the post here!

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