Gucci Gucci: dupes UNDER $25

But, not actually anything Gucci – because they don’t make clothing in our size. In fact, I have receipts!! See here!

But – you know what, for years I had a pretty negative view about Gucci. I don’t own any Gucci at all actually (no bags, no belts etc) – it is a brand I really love but have never purchased anything. A couple of years ago I realized I could probably fit into one of their belts and I thought it was silly that they were willing to make us belts but not sweaters so I just sort of boycotted the brand.

I still love the look, however and I hope that one day they’ll realize that women come in all shapes and sizes (note they make mens clothing in some larger sizes but women’s pieces go up to about a 12).

Until then, my friends, we have some really cute dupe looks! I put this one together in a reel on IG but you can shop it by scrolling to the end of the post.

Today’s look was inspired by a set of looks I saw on Pinterest by one of my fav plus size bloggers: Alexa Webb. Her website, IG & Pinterest are great resources for outfit inspiration and she often posts really great sales. I saw her post about this scarf, (pictured below)

sent her a DM and she responded right away and told me the scarf was really great quality so I ordered it and I am so glad I did because it is really cute!

I’m wearing this to run around town today to take care of some errands so I thought it would be fun to be a bit on the nose – so I’m literally wearing almost all of my Gucci inspired pieces – I think it drives the point home:

Plus size women want to wear designer pieces!!!

dress | cardi (size 20) | scarf | shoes


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