SALE + How to Shoot in Front of the Pink DOOR in Palm springs

Ok, first off, these looks are ALL ON MAJOR SALE TODAY! Use my code for 15% off ModJolene15

If you follow me on Instagram and Facebook, you might have noticed that I recently returned from hosting the 5th edition of the #babecation campaign along with Manon of @ManonMEdwards. You might remember her blog as Chic With Curves.

We traveled to Palm Springs for a really fun #babecation weekend. Today’s post is the first of the series where I’ll be sharing some of the insights we came back with from the trip.

You’ll find her outfit details along with the french version of today’s post (She’s French!) on her blog at ChicWithCurves.Com.

Here’s what you need to know:

  1. If you’re traveling to Palm Springs and you plan to shoot at one of the very mod style 1960s glam homes, you’ll want to make sure you have ample time. Lots of other sites recommend that you shoot about 2 hours before sunset but in most of these locations, the light will still be too bright on a sunny day at that time. We shot about 30 minutes before sunset.
  2. You have time to shoot 1 reel and about 2 looks, no more.
  3. Shoot your cell phone content first then shoot with your DSLR (they have better light sensitivity and allow you to shoot a little longer).
  4. Arrive 1.5 hours before sunset, determine where you’ll be standing and watch the light fade like a hawk. When there are no more shadows or weird bright lights on the door, its go time.
  5. The pink door homeowners aren’t exactly welcoming – you should plan to stand in the street because they have a sign that says no photography and no trespassing. The folx who own the house with the yellow door are much more understanding. In fact, they have a #!

Good luck!

Scroll to the end of the post for links to everything I’m wearing. For links to everything Manon is wearing, click here!

Now, let’s talk about Modcloth! Nothing makes me happier than telling you about a brand I’ve just tried and fallen in love with!

This was my first time wearing the brand and I was beyond shocked at how incredibly nice everything was. The quality is better than a lot of other plus brands out there! The green coat is a very soft wool and it is really warm. It’s the perfect thing to pair with just about any Christmas dress! Best of all, it’s more than half off today so if you’re even thinking about it you should get your order in because there are only a few left. I am wearing the size UK 28 and it fits me perfectly. Check out my IG to see me wearing this all season.

My favorite piece was the red velvet dress. It’s beyond stunning in person and it fits true to size. I elected to get it in a 3x because I noticed there was no stretch in the fabric. I’m so glad I sized up because it fits perfectly. I can’t wait to wear it on Christmas! I think I found the one! Scroll to the end of the post for links to shop!

USE MY CODE FOR 15% off!!! ModJolene15

USE MY CODE FOR 15% off!!! ModJolene15

USE MY CODE FOR 15% off!!! ModJolene15

Emily in Paris Look:

Red Dress (40% OFF!) | Black Cropped Jacket (50% off!) | Yellow Scarf (40% off!)

Madmen Look:

Striped dress (on sale!) | Green Coat (more than 1/2 off!)

USE MY CODE FOR 15% off!!! ModJolene15

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