I am… Eloquii Fierce

I am… Sasha Fierce‘ was not Beyonce’s best album. This skirt however, is probably Eloquii’s best work of art to date. Its made of a scuba-like material, has a peplum and a dash of pink. I’m pretty sure you can’t ask for more than that.

I love this skirt so much because it makes me feel….   F I E R C E


Sadly, these pieces are no longer available. Here are some alternatives: dresstop, skirt.

I hadn’t considered wearing these two pieces together until I happened to have the skirt in my hand and I was looking for another top and I just happened to put my hands on this pink cotton top. This Eloquii top is literally one of the first purchases I made with the company and I still hadn’t worn it until recently. I guess I just felt a little unsure about what to wear it with. Now that I’ve seen how lovely it looks tucked into a skirt, you’ll probably see a lot more of this top in the future. I thought about ending this post with a plea to Eloquii to ask them to bring this skirt back – because I’ve heard from more than a few friends that they wish they could buy it. If you love it as much as I do, please ask them to bring it back by commenting below or let them know via instagram.

Handbag –  Ralph Lauren 

Shoes – Yes – they’re heels [I’m shocked too], Nine West

ralphlauren.bag.heals eloquii.boardroomblonde

I wore my favorite Barbie-style makeup look because this look is all about being fierce and feminine at the same time. This necklace is perfect because it is edgy yet finished with lilac beads [similar].

boardroom.blonde.eloquii.pinkAll photos for this post were taken by my lovely friend Crystal – isn’t she amazing?!

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