Malibu Barbie

I was pretty much obsessed with Barbie when I was a kid. Malibu Barbie was my favorite because as I saw it – she got to have all of the fun soaking up the sun on the beach with Ken. In real life, I love the beach but I rarely have time to enjoy it. This outfit is my modern interpretation of Malibu Barbie.





Bikini Top | Bikini Bottom | Duster Cardi [similar] | Beach Bag [similar| Sandals [similar]

Fit Secrets:

Top and Bottoms: 3x

Bottoms? – yes 2! I’m wearing two pairs to achieve a cleaner silhouette. When buying a more affordable suit – I tend to buy two bottoms so that one acts as a pair of Spanx – without the dreadful feeling of actually wearing Spanx under my suit [I would not recommend anyone do that].

What do you think? Would you wear a mismatched bikini?

All photos for this post shot by Crystal of Sometimes Glam.


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