Corporate Barbie

By now, you’re probably not surprised to see me channel Barbie – she is the ultimate fashion icon – who has proven that you can still be girly while being professional.

Blouses with neck ties are so hot right now. They look fab at work and paired with a skirt or jeans on the weekend. I love this one from SWAK! Its nice and roomy [3x] and very lightweight – perfect to pair with a suit or under a dress. [links below]

s.IMG_9998  s.IMG_9924 s.IMG_9933 ss.IMG_9967

dress [similar more affordable] | blouse | heals | bag ON SALE!

thx to Nicole for the photos!

BB beauty

I’m wearing the 22 inch extensions from Glam Seamless in Beach Blonde. My hair is thick and long already so I searched quite a while for a company that would provide high quality extensions at a good price! I am so very happy with these extensions – if you’ve ever thought about trying them, Glam Seamless is the company I am loving right now! Use code Board for 10% off!!

I’m wearing my new fav foundation [totally buildable coverage btw], an overlined lip [liner – in 04, lipstick in 135] with my usual every day products [see below].

Have you found me on youtube yet?

shampoo | conditioner

brows | highlight |contour | blush | mascara | under eye corrector & concealer 

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