maxi tee

Do you struggle to figure out what to wear to events? Me too.

I always feel like I don’t have the right things to wear which is pretty silly considering how full my closet is. As I stood there, staring at the colorful dresses hanging ever so sweetly together, I saw this maxi top out of the corner of my eye. To my right, hanging there next to tons of other black dresses and matching sets was this midi skirt set from Rebdolls. I remembered that the event would be at the rooftop pool deck of the W hotel in Scottsdale, so I quickly discarded the idea to wear the black top. I thought maybe this tee might work over a pencil skirt and the rest is history

s.IMG_0497 s.IMG_0509

maxi tee [similar]| midi skirt [similar]| lace up wedges | necklace via FTF [similar]|bag [similar affordable]

BB beauty 

Bonus: I added a new video to my channel!

I’m wearing the 22 inch extensions from Glam Seamless in Beach Blonde. My hair is thick and long already so I searched quite a while for a company that would provide high quality extensions at a good price! I am so very happy with these extensions – if you’ve ever thought about trying them, Glam Seamless is the company I am loving right now! Use code Board for 10% off!! 

I’m wearing my new fav foundation [totally buildable coverage btw].


shampoo | conditioner

brows | highlight |contour | blush | mascara | under eye corrector & concealer 

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