Girl With Curves x Dia & Co


Recently I attended the Girl With Curves x Dia & Co launch party where I got to meet Tanesha and see the entire collection first hand. It was a very chic event held at the W Hotel in Hollywood where a few bloggers mingled, oooed and awed over the luxurous fabrics and watched LovelyinLa try on the pieces. It never ceases to amaze me how well clothes fit her – I swear, its like they are making them with her in mind 😉

I knew I needed at least – well, basically everything from the collection because it is made of really nice fabrics and the pieces are very classic. But – that really isn’t a surprise if you know Tanesha’s blog. Tanesha’s style is very chic, so it really is no surprise that her collection is a total win.

Dia & Co sent me a few pieces to try but I’m still vying for the one piece I wasn’t able to get my hands on yet – the driving jacket. Ladies, I touched it at the launch party and it is so nice. It is lightweight – so totally wearable for the office, yet chic af. The jacket you know you need for fall. The perfect layering piece if you live in the tundra or the perfect jacket for West Coasters, like me. So I’ll continue to pray that Dia & Co restocks it and sends it, but in the mean time, let me tell you about the pretty pieces they did send.

The joggers are everything – I wear them high waisted, fit well and I love how nicely they lay. They are truly a pair of slacks turned joggers which is what every professional young woman needs.  3J3A9708

The striped dress is very pretty and very classic. Tanesha didn’t leave anything out with this one – she even thought to include a slip which is not attached to the dress. I really like this. It is very comfortable! They sent a 3x which is at least a whole size too large for me these days but I made it work for the photo because I really wanted you to see what a pretty dress this is. I plan to order a size smaller so I can make use of this classic look – it really is so perfect for work.

IMG_20171030_225045_975The navy skirt is another classic staple – a must have for professionals. What I like about this skirt is that it has pockets! This is a really fun twist on a classic look.




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