#babecation Palm Springs

Recently, my bestie and I, Manon of @chicwithcurves went on a totally fab #BABECATION weekend in Palm Springs where we stayed at the super fun bright colored Saguaro Hotel. It’s just about the coolest hotel I’ve ever stayed at – from bright colored walls, amazing food to super fun activities, pool parties and more. There is literally not a thing they’re missing! 12

If you’ve been following Manon & I on IG & SNAP, you know we’re totally silly and we love being ourselves – even if it causes us to laugh at ourselves.84

Sometimes that means trying on clothes in the dressing rooms when we’re shopping, goofing around at dinners out, sing-a-longs in the car and all around ridiculousness. We’ve been working on creating something to bring you – our amazing readers, something big! That is the #babecation hashtag! You’ll see us use this for giveaways in association with our weekend where we have arranged amazing gifts from our sponsors! Make sure to tune in to IG & FB to be the first to know about giveaways and participate!

During this weekend away, we wanted to make it all about beautification and relaxation so we chose brands that have totally amazing beauty and skincare products as well as haircare tools. Every girl knows beauty and haircare is essential for a weekend away.

For skincare, our go-to brand is Dermae

This brand has it ALL! Girlfriend, let me tell you about my favorite product of all – the face oil. This oil is everythaaang. It is literally the best thing for when you are traveling – I love putting it on my face after cleansing morning and night. It smells like heaven and it makes me feel so calm. It is the perfect thing to wear to bed at night.

We teamed up with Eva Hair New York to bring you the best hair tools ever. I fell completely head over heels in love with the healthy heat blow out brush and I will tell you why. I am very careful with my hair – I didn’t get long blonde hair (my real hair!) by treating my hair to overstyling. This blow out brush seems to be gentle to my hair and gets my hair smooth without overdoing it. I am floored with how amazing this tool has been. In fact, I’ve been testing it out over the last month – since the trip and I have been loving the results. It is a must buy.

9We had such a fun time at the Saguaro Hotel – and we’re dying to know where you think we should go next!! Should we come to your city? Let me know in the comments!



This post is sponsored, all opinions are my own.

Click here to read Manon’s post!

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