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With all of the changes in my life over this past year, the one thing I’ve realized I need to spend more time focusing on is the health and appearance of my skin. I have pretty huge pores and dry skin so for the past few weeks I’ve been searching for a professional to help me sort these problems out.

I teamed up with Misha of Misha Tu Aesthetics (MT Skincare & Beauty) – right inside Christophe Salon in Beverly Hills to bring you an all new series on restoring my very tired skin. Today we’re starting with something fun – eyelash extensions!

I’ve been extremely apprehensive about getting eyelash extensions because I had an awful experience a few years ago that was very traumatic to say the least. Back then, I went to a salon that promised to give me full lashes and not knowing any better – I didn’t really ask the right questions. I simply made the appointment, laid down and 2 hours later walked out in total misery. My eyes were red and irritated by the terrible way she applied the strip lashes and I couldn’t even make it a week – those lashes scratched me and they were so painful I cried for days. After that awful experience, I vowed to never get my lashes done again. Since that time, I’ve only worn temp strip lashes a handful of times and each time – the experience was rather annoying. I can never seem to get used to the glue and I’d always wondered if I was allergic to it.

So when I met Misha, I was nervous about getting eyelash extensions but after talking with her about the services she provides and learning more about her education and many years of experience, I felt comfortable to trust her with my delicate lids.

When the day came to get my lashes done, I arrived at the salon fresh faced with the expectation that we would do my lashes but she had a few surprises in store for me – the day turned into an entire makeover, starting with my eyelash extensions of course!


Then she moved on to wax and color in my brows and a beautiful blow out downstairs by Drew at Christophe’s Salon. If that wasn’t enough, Misha finished the look by doing a full makeup application at the end.


The day was a dream come true – by the time we were done I felt completely transformed. I walked in sleepy eyed, with messy hair and left feeling like an actual queen – so ready for a night out. The experience was perfection from start to finish. The best part is – as I write this post, 2 weeks after getting the eyelash extensions, I’m happy to report that they still look just as amazing as they did on day 1! To me, that is what makes them worth it. I know now that I am totally and completely addicted to seeing myself with eyelash extensions and what I love most about Misha’s eyelash extensions is that I cannot even feel them on my face. She does them one-by-one – what that means is that each lash has one extension on it – so as not to break your natural lash. This means your lashes look natural but incredibly beautiful and they don’t feel heavy.

Check out my video below to see all of the fun!

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Hair by @drewhowardhair at Cristophe Beverly Hills 323 839 2398… 

This post is sponsored but all opinions are my own. Here’s one last selfie of the final look! Wearing Fashion Nova super high waisted jeans (2) with an old fav sweater from Forever 21 for this casual get ready with me day at the salon.


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