the best swim up suite in CABO SAN LUCAS + life updates

So maybe you’ve noticed it? A few pounds have escaped me. One of my good friends, an MD and I joke around that I’m on the JOY diet. Surely he approves. He’s one of my closest friends here in LA and he’s watched me glow up a bit over the last year – we’ve cutely coined that process the JOY diet because the weight loss I’ve been experiencing is unintentional and has been one of the most effortless experiences of my life. Don’t get me wrong, the glow up isn’t really about shrinking – its more about how I have changed from within.

It’s as if excess which may have been ancillary is now completely unnecessary. I don’t know if I’ll continue to lose or it will stop but I’m completely happy with whatever comes. The tough part about losing weight unintentionally is accepting that you can no longer fit into your beloved clothing. I have special pieces I have not wanted to part with but I am coming to terms with it. Over this past year, I have gained focus which has brought me an incredible amount of joy – if I could pinpoint one singular thing that has led to the changes I’ve seen in my life, it would be that. I know exactly what I want and there is a serenity in that. With all of the joy I’ve felt, travel has been a little more important in my life these past few months. So today I thought I’d share a little about my recent trip to Cabo.

I’ve been obssessed with- (yes, I’m a blogger – I’m obssessed with like, about a million things obvi) swim up suites because you can be your best self in them – lazy and fabulous!

So if you’re into luxury travel, landing a swim up suite at an all inclusive hotel is the best bang for your buck because you’ll have a relaxing trip with no fuss. You don’t have to worry about finding room to layout near the pool because you will be soaking up the sun from your own private deck. It is literal heaven. There are swim up suites popping up all over the Caribbean and Mexico these days but are they all created equal? Nope.


When looking for luxury accommodations as a blogger, I’ve needed to think about more than just the basics. I’m looking for a resort that is not only beautiful but has great food, great service and lots of extras. When I hunted for a suite for this trip, I found a few options but there was a clear winner.

I found all of this and more at Melia’s Paradisus Los Cabos over Thanksgiving break in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. They chose a room for me that faced the ocean and was more beautiful and well appointed than I had imagined from the photos on their website. When I arrived, I was greeted by my personal butler – (sigh, yes!). He brought me goodies all weekend and he made the trip all the more relaxing because I didn’t want for a thing. He was even kind enough to arrange transportation to and from the Marina and set me up with an amazing photographer that captured the photos below. One afternoon, he even showed up with sunscreen, aloe vera and tanning lotion! 20171123_16280220171124_11122620171124_11123820171124_111442

My trip was truly unforgettable thanks to the wonderful service Paradisus Los Cabos Hotel staff provided.

Now, the best part was how amazing my room was. Every detail was perfect, from the 8 foot mirror that spanned the room, to the bar, to the double shower and the free standing tub. Literally, this suite has it all.


You guys – the bodywash even smelled heavenly. I brought a couple of bottles home because I couldn’t bear to live my life without it.

So if the glamorous room alone wasn’t enough, the food was fantastic! My favorite meals, were fish tacos from La Palapa (pictured below), Mole from Mole (no, really 😉 and the chilaquiles via room service. 20171124_153152.jpg20171124_151830.jpg

On the last full day in Cabo, we boarded Seashine Baja for a truly unforgettable day of yachting around Lovers Beach. My photographer captured a few shots and when I landed my head on my pillow at the end of the night, I just couldn’t believe what an amazing day it had been. I had stretched my 5’4” body on the railing of a yacht, posing like an actual model and nobody had laughed at me. When I saw the photos, I felt beautiful. I fell in love with myself at Lovers Beach – as corny as that sounds – but if you know me personally, you know that I’m as corny as they come. 2017 was pretty amazing. I just can’t wait to share all of the love & wonderful things with you in 2018!!!


get the swimsuits here [wearing the xxl – I’m about a 16/18 these days]

This post is sponsored. All opinions are my own.  Special thanks to Fer De La Rosa Photography. 



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