back to basics

This year, without even realizing it, I showed up to the office dressed in all black on Valentine’s Day. My colleagues couldn’t help but comment on it. It truly wasn’t intentional. That morning, I woke up a little later than normal and my black Kate Spade Madison Avenue dress was hanging on my bathroom door so as I stepped out of the shower realizing how little time I had to get to work, I put it on. It was cold out, so I paired it with my favorite black moto jacket. After defending my choices, I decided to take a stand and I wore black for several days. What followed was a barrage of questions – was love truly dead?

What came of this experiment – wearing black for a few days, was another move I had never dared – a black matching mani pedi. This too was an invigorating experience. Now – every time I gaze at my black nails, I think they’re chic af and I love them. It’s funny what a little black will do. The thing is – it’s really not in my nature to wear so much black.

Color is my jam.

So when this dress arrived and I slipped into it, I was quickly reminded of who I am. Boardroom Blonde is all about color – and empowerment in all shapes and forms. So I implore you to try that daring mani pedi you’ve been wanting to try. It might not be a new way of life but it might just make you feel like you can wear what you want, which is a pretty good feeling in a world wear women are constantly reminded that we should wear what pleases men.

Learn more about this dress – watch the video here:

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