rainbow brite

Magic? Nah

Perfect? Maybe

Maybe I watched too much Rainbow Brite in my formative years but I don’t think you can really have too much color in your wardrobe. I love wearing bright colors – they totally match my personality. I found this gorgeous little dress from a straight sized designer, Mara Hoffman and I knew that ordering the size large was taking a risk  – but hey, what is life without an occasional risk? Suffice it to say – I’m really glad I ordered this dress because its just what I needed for this summer! Now that I’m living in California (read about that here), I totally need more dresses like this! This dress is made of a luxurious modal cotton and feels very soft. [links below]

s.IMG_3577s.IMG_3473s.IMG_3541s.IMG_3586dress | shoes [similar]

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