Today’s Mantra

I went to the beach today. The drive up PCH was perfect. Sometimes I wish I could drive PCH everyday – sometimes I find myself envying people that live by the beach.

I woke up thinking about the one thing that’s been on my mind and I decided I wouldn’t let that take over. I wanted to get out in the world – free of it. I shampooed my hair and used a new body wash I’ve been meaning to try. It smelled of mint and left me feeling refreshed. The cords of my favorite songs flowed freely through the open door of my bedroom, hitting my ears as if for the first time and I danced in the shower with joy. I’m in control today, I thought.

As I stepped from the shower and grabbed a fresh towel, I decided I wouldn’t bother with wearing makeup or doing my hair. Sometimes I feel the most beautiful when I do nothing. There is something incredibly freeing about just being, in your natural state. I wore this sexy new swimsuit (link below) and as I drove up the coast, the playlist continued and as each song passed, I cruised into an even more elated state of being.

Today was a beautiful day.


Swimsuit (2x – should have sized down) 1x would have fit better

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