“It’s gorgeous but that top is probably not going to fit you girl!” my best friend said as she squealed in excitement over video chat when I showed her my cart on Zelie For She’s site.

“I know – trust, I sized up” I said smiling at how well she knows me.

Shopping while video chatting has become one of our favorite pastimes during the course of our 11 year long distance best-friendship. She has talked me out of a “truly heinous angola sweater” a time or two and even talked me into the world’s best water bottle.

I’ve convinced her to try some of my favorite fast fashion brands and we’ve spent hours debating over the appropriate wall color for a master bedroom. She’s helped me navigate through massive life changing  decisions – like choosing a law school, how to end relationships and even held my hand when I wasn’t sure where to turn next.

There’s something magical about solid friendships – they can make you feel some sense of home when you think everything is falling apart. One of the things I’m most grateful for is the few wonderful and solid long term friendships I’ve been lucky enough to be part of that have survived over the years. Many of them began when I was in my early teens and I feel really blessed to still call those ladies and gents my friends.

I think it’s time for a reunion! Who are you thankful for? Reach out and tell them today!


top (2x) skirt (1x)IMG_9122IMG_9119IMG_9232IMG_9201IMG_9122IMG_9247

top (2x) skirt (1x)

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