his & hers: really really good jeans

It’s pretty rare these days that Tommy & I find jeans we both love – even more rare that both pairs are from the same brand. I was a bit skeptical when they reached out – honestly I was worried that the jeans would fit like a straight size brand and be really small or not form fitting in the waist but we ended up both really loving them.

IMG_2400 IMG_2450

So today we’re teaming up with Mott & Bow to tell you about why we love their philosophy on denim: they not only offer amazing designer jeans at a totally affordable price BUT the brand touts a TRY ON PROGRAM (yes!) which allows us the opportunity to get a couple of different sizes in the mail while only paying for the one pair we’re planning to buy! IMG_2388

For me & Tommy, the TRY ON PROGRAM was a massive win because he can sometimes be between sizes and I am pretty much always looking for that perfect snug … but not too snug fit.

Tommy asked for sizes 40×32 and 38×32 and here’s what he said about the fit:

“I’ve never worn jeans that were stretchy before. The 38s were really comfortable and fit well without a belt. I wasn’t sure they’d be long enough for me since I’m 6’3 but they were perfect. Really glad we tried them!”


get his jeans here

I knew that I needed either an 18 or the 20. As I slipped into the 20, bent down and zipped them up, I knew I didn’t even need to try the size 18s on. The size 20 was a perfect fit for me. What I adore about these jeans is how well they seem to fit over my curves: from the not too long torso, to the perfectly cut leg that allowed me to feel just the right amount stretch when I walk – these skinny jeans make the cut. I only just wish they’d offer a really high waisted option. The waist hit me right above the belly button and while they were really comfortable and conformed to my body without stretching out throughout the day, I have to say I was really impressed with the quality.

I paired my jeans with a cashmere sweater from Mott & Bow which was snug. I really hope to see the brand expand their size offerings in the future because their pieces are well made, elevated classics that I just haven’t seen elsewhere. AND – their TRY ON PROGRAM is a huge win for someone like me who isn’t ever really that sure what size she should order.


get my jeans here (20) / my sweater (xl)

We’re planning to order from Mott & Bow again! This time, I think Tommy plans to try out their dress shirts! What do you want to see next?



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