Reuniting with Mr. Unicorn | while in cabo san lucas

“What are your goals for 2018?” I typed. Reuniting with Mr. Unicorn over the prior month had been the best few weeks I had known in a long time, maybe ever. I turned the faucet off and rested my manicured toes above the water’s edge. I wondered what it would be like if he were here with me on trips like this – on this trip
dress via F21 (similar)
Banter made the night perfect. Mr. Unicorn sent meme after meme, video after video, until my spirit was lifted. He made me laugh until the muscles in my cheeks burned but I was left wondering what it all meant.
The freestanding tub stood left center in the room, in front of the wall to wall windows which separated me from the ocean and the moonlight. This swim up suite in CABO was the perfect getaway for a girl who would rather be alone on Thanksgiving than face the memories she could not seem to forget.
I rested the razor against the ledge of the porcelain tub, brushed a hair from my lips and let my head slip below the warm water. We could have a beautiful – my daydream was interrupted by the chirp of my phone.
Out of the water, I raised my head, dried my hands and from of the corner of my eye, I saw it. The blue hue of the blinking chat notification on my Samsung Galaxy S5.
He mentioned aggressive yet reasonable goals for the coming year but all that stuck was the end of the short paragraph which read “and find my unicorn.”
Find? Wasn’t I his unicorn?
His words stabbed as if they were a painful truth I wasn’t ready to hear. In the coming days, I returned to LA preparing myself to face life without him. I wondered how he could have spent so much time flirting with me if he wasn’t feeling what I felt. I was devastated. Did he just want to be my friend? How could I be his friend when I felt so much more?
One afternoon, as I was typing an email, he called and I couldn’t help it. I answered, “hi” I said meekly before asking him how he was. When I couldn’t take it any longer, I let it out: “so you’re ready to find your unicorn huh!!”
“I think you took that the wrong way – I was trying to tell you that I think I’m ready – I was trying to be cheeky saying that because you’ve always been my unicorn.” He explained.
To be continued.


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