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My favorite way to tell you about a new brand I’m trying out is to shoot pieces and film a try on haul. Sometimes when I try something on for the first time, I don’t fall in love with it right away – sometimes I need to see how I look wearing the piece and how it feels on. Try on hauls are great, but for me, the true test of a dress, pair of pants or top is to wear it around a bit. I need to know if the zipper is going to hold or the piece isn’t going to feel awkward when I walk in it.

So now that I’ve tried a few pieces from Pretty Little Thing, I can give you a better idea of what I think of the brand. So far, I’d give it a thumbs up. Pretty Little Thing is similar to Forever 21 or even Fashion Nova but I think the sizing is more generous.

I ordered a few pieces and only one of the items I received didn’t fit – which is fantastic because typically, it isn’t easy to gage sizing when ordering items online. Most of the items I ordered came in a 2x range – I’m about an 18 right now. The one item that didn’t fit was a 2x and I think the 3x would fit if I were to order it.

What I like about the brand is the affordability of the items, chic style and generous sizing.

One of the items I received was a pair of leopard print pants – and they were a bit large – I really could have sized down.

Watch my try on haul here – and check out the photos of my favorite piece below! Item links are in the description box of my youtube video.


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