How I got over my fear of Pitbulls

When Tommy and I started dating, I didn’t even know he had a pitbull mix because he is a very private man and as I look back, I think it was kismet that it worked out the way it did. Before he came into my life, I had sworn off men who owned pitbulls.

I had a really narrow view of the breed because of a few bad experiences. I was ignorant to say the least but my sentiment wasn’t unrealistic for someone who had almost lost a dog due to a pitbull attack. My sentiments truly felt justified.

One evening, Tommy sent me a photo of Chevelle with her little head wrapped in his blue comforter. I didn’t really know what breed she was then but I remember thinking she looked like a sweetheart.

When I found out that she was a pit mix, I remember feeling anxious but I knew that I could trust Tommy. He would never put me in harm’s way.

I lived in LA and Tommy, well, he lived in Phoenix. The first time I came to visit him and stayed at his house, I was pretty scared of her but by the end of the weekend, the fear I felt had subsided a little. I didn’t let my fear keep me from continuing to get to know him but I worried about how we might someday share a home if I was afraid of his beloved.

When I first moved to Phoenix, Tommy asked if he could bring Chevelle over to my apartment for a visit and I agreed.

“She’ll have to stay in the living room and I’ll put a blanket down on the sofa so she doesn’t ruin it.” I barked.

“Ok” Tommy said with a coy smile.

Our visits together started with me being timid and her? Well, Chevelle probably didn’t understand why she couldn’t go in my all white bedroom. On her second trip over, I opened my heart and my bedroom door and suddenly, I had a new cuddle buddy.


It didn’t take long until I found myself asking him if she could stay with me while he ran errands on the weekends or played golf. We took her on photoshoots and even left her alone with my handbags and shoes all within reach. received_285806162280083IMG_3170

Each time I returned, I found her sleeping on the sofa seemingly having touched nothing.

Nothing changes overnight. It took me a few short months to get completely comfortable but it was Tommy’s patience and love that carried us through. Early on, he showed me her favorite treats and cautioned me not to approach her while she ate. She hadn’t ever attacked anyone but still growled if approached during a meal because she was the runt of the litter.

As time passed, I fed her more and she started to associate my presence with treats, toys and endless hours of tug of war. Screenshot_20190829-220634_InstagramScreenshot_20190829-220640_InstagramScreenshot_20190829-220732_InstagramScreenshot_20190829-220737_InstagramSnapchat-325813152

One day Tommy looked at me tenderly and said “you know, Chavelle has gotten a lot more cuddly since you came around.” And that was all the man needed to say – I knew then that I wanted us to be a tight-knit little family. received_993076387540909


The fear I once had for pitbulls had subsided and I even found myself wanting to pet other pitbulls we saw in passing.

So anything I do, anyone I love, deserves the best. So a few months ago we started to research dog toys and the best dog foods because we wanted her to be as healthy as possible. We ended up finding an amazing dog food that has made her coat extremely soft and shiny – but more on that another day.

Today, I’m happy to tell you that we’ve found some truly great pet products!


Watch below to see!




This post was sponsored but all opinions are my own.

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