The best fitting swimsuits EVER!

I’ve been eyeing this brand for a few years because their collections have always been really cute but I had no idea they were going to be such a perfect fit! Becca is the luxury swim brand for plus you didn’t know you were missing out on!

Here’s why:

1.The fabric is really nice and it feels more substantial than other swimsuits I own.

2. The fit is perfect. Each suit fits really well and is not overly high cut. I find that there is plenty of room in the cups and the fabric stretches so it is very comfortable.

3. Styles are modern but a little more conservative than some of the other options I’ve seen recently which is nice if you don’t want to show everything.

multicolor striped suit (wearing size 20)
multicolor striped suit (wearing size 20)

I love the stripes on this suit. I think they draw the eye downward which is nice if you’re short like me and want to appear taller. I also love that the cups are slightly padded which provides just the right amount of lift. Also – none of Becca’s suits are too high cut which I love because I don’t really like how high cut suits feel – I find myself constantly pulling them down. I love that I don’t need to adjust these suits at all.

suit | swim cover (both size 20)

So this look is probably my favorite because it combines two colors I love wearing together: pink and purple!

This suit has light padding in the cups and fits really well just like the other 2 suits. The ties are adjustable and it has really nice seams that seem to contour your midsection.


suit (size 2x)

For me, it’s the contour lines, the neon color, the zipper and the fact that it is not too high cut. I can’t say this enough – it’s just wonderful to have swimsuits that fit me so well! I love that this zipper allows you to be buttoned up or a little bit more relaxed if you like.

Swimsuits provided in partnership with Becca ETC



Photography by Will Coles.

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