The ULTIMATE FIT GUIDE: Plus Size Swimsuits 2020

If you’ve been following me for a while, you might have read the post I wrote back in 2015 about How To Find A Plus Size Swimsuit. A lot has changed since then. One of my favorite brands stopped making swimsuits and we gained tons of others.

Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to try on so many swimsuit brands, I’ve lost count. So today, I pulled my notes together and I’m bringing you the most detailed guide to finding a plus size swimsuit I have ever given you.

Friends, this is the deep dive! As always, I hope this helps you find something that makes you feel as beautiful on the outside as you are on the inside! 

This isn’t about flattering – no, this guide is about helping you find something that you feel good in. Rather than beginning by telling you that your body has a specific shape and recommend what I think you’ll like, this guide is designed for you to be in the driver’s seat. I’ve listened to the DMs, emails and comments I’ve received over the years to address your pain points with swimsuit shopping.

Part 1: Who are the players?

Before we get into the deep dive, here is a list of brands that offer plus size swimwear:

Part 2: How do they play?

  1. Most Options For All Bodies
  2. Larger Busts
  3. Smaller Busts
  4. Make it Modest, But Make it Fashion
  5. Sexy
  6. Ultra High Waist Bikinis

Most Overall Options For All Bodies

Swimsuits For All (S4ALL) has a wide variety of styles and offers a really nice range from 2-32. Make sure you check out their celebrity collaborations. I’ve worn pieces from both the Gabi Fresh & Ashley Graham collections (which typically offer new releases every few months) over the years and I’ve really loved how they fit and make me feel. Every year they seem to get better and better. They tend to have really the basics down, great vibrant colors, great patterns and plenty of on-trend options.

*Fit note: The Ashley Graham one-piece swimsuits tend to be high cut in the bikini zone but I’ve noticed that the Gabi Fresh swimsuits do not seem to be as high cut and fit a few inches above my belly button. In my experience, they haven’t been ultra high waist.

S4ALL is a great place to start if you haven’t worn a swimsuit in years or you are looking for your first plus size bikini. Their swimsuits are high quality and fit well. Make sure you read my entire post because I’ll highlight some of the different types of swimsuits they carry below.

Here are some of the cute S4ALL Swimsuits I’ve worn over the years:

Larger Busts

Gabi Fresh’s collection with Swimsuits For All goes up to G/H cup. If you’re larger than a DDD, try brands like Fig Leaves, S4All, Lane Bryant whose collections are often sized by the cup and may give you a better fit.

Here are some cute LB swimsuits I love that you can shop right now:

Seersucker / Floral / Striped

Smaller Busts

If you’re smaller on top, you have tons of options. You can shop just about anywhere but I would highly recommend a triangle top if you’re looking for a bikini. S4ALL is one of the only brands that I’ve seen consistently offer triangle bikini tops in plus sizes but if that isn’t your jam, pay close attention to how the swimsuits fit the models. If you see that the model has a smaller bust and the top is loose and frumpy on her, that is probably not a swimsuit that will fit you best.

When shopping for clients and friends that have smaller busts, I look for triangle tops, high neck one pieces or one pieces that have a very defined bust. I tend to have good luck shopping for friends at S4ALL, ASOS, Target, and Summer Salt.

Here are some other really great options available now:

Make it Modest, But Make it Fashion

I think a lot of brands see modest on-trend swimwear as a challenge. I see really modest swimwear and really on-trend yet very revealing swimwear. Finding swimsuits that are both modest and on-trend has been tough but there are some really cute swimsuits out right now. I really don’t think style should be sacrificed just because you want a more modest swimsuit.

Recently, I tried a new brand – Becca and I was amazed by how luxurious the fabric is and how wonderful the swimsuits fit me. What I like about the all three of the swimsuits I tried is that they are not high cut on the leg – they provide more full coverage around the bikini area which is really comfortable and more modest without sacrificing style. (See more here)

Here are some really great options if you’re looking for a swimsuit that is more modest:


Did you see FTF’s collaboration with Tabria Majors? It was a stunning collection but far too revealing for me. When I’m looking for something to turn heads, I typically shop Amazon, Asos, City Chic, S4ALL and FTF.

S4ALL does a great job of making your feel sexy in their one-piece swimsuits. Many of them are quite low cut in the front which is very on-trend right now.

Here are a few of my favorites:

shop these sexy swimsuits here

ULTRA High waisted

I was really sad when Monif C stopped making swimsuits – her collections were always made of great fabrics and fit me really well. In fact, the first swimsuit I bought to feature on my blog was from Monif C. She was the first to bring us the ultra high waist full coverage bikini bottom.

But don’t worry, a few other brands have stepped in and offer some great options if you’re looking for that ultra high snatched secure waist that is easy to wear with just about any bikini top.

A lot of brands seem to offer high waisted bottoms but many of these brands simply do not measure up. Their “high waisted bikini bottoms” do not go high enough on the waist in order to be comfortable for a lot of women. If you’re like me and you don’t have a flat stomach, a bikini bottom must be high waisted in order for it to stay up and feel good on.

Below is my current favorite ultra high waisted bikini bottom – it is full coverage and affordable.

If you’re looking for something without ruching, here are two other great options that are ultra high waist, affordable and great quality:

left / right

So where do we go from here? Do you have any questions?

Did you decide to take the plunge? I want to hear about your experiences with shopping for and wearing swimsuits. What are you struggling with? What are you loving this season? Let me know in the comments or send me a DM on IG.

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