Fall Workwear Style Inspiration: Neutral + Gold Glam

So today, I’m showing you 3 different looks – each you could wear with the same bag.

  1. This black blouse dress is so on trend right now – I absolutely love the oversized organza sleeves!
  2. The black short pouf sleeve dress is so good too! I absolutely love a drop waist. If you don’t have a flat tummy and would prefer to not have it visible, try this in a size up.
  3. This shirt dress is so good on so many different body types because it has a drop shoulder so it fits larger arms with a bit more ease. I love the waist tie too – it will be very comfortable for a long day of meetings. I’d pair it with the gold coin necklace and the snake print pumps.

If you’re new here, simply click the photo above or click here and you’ll get all of the links to everything shown above!

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