Street Style Inspiration: The lounge set that is so much more

I feel like this year, we all learned how much we love loungewear but what are we going to do now that we have a ton of it? Well, I have so many outfits planned.

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Many of us think of loungewear as a strictly at-home necessity but I really love pieces that can transform and be worn in many ways. This first look is what I’d wear for a day of shopping when it gets cold out. I absolutely must be comfortable when I’m out shopping – especially for the holidays.

And the next few looks are coming to the blog soon – they are so versatile I think they’d be perfect for most things I do on the weekends.

As always, everything is linked on my like to know it & below!

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Would you wear this? Did one of my looks inspire you? Send me a DM on Instagram or comment below! I love seeing your looks!

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