Hey Girlfriend! how to have a luxury SHOWER ROUTINE on a budget [dry skin]

If you’ve been following me on Instagram for awhile, you know how much I love affordable products that feel like the luxury ones.

Today I’m bringing you my affordable yet luxury shower routine. Dry skin and desert living are not a winning combo but through a lot of trial and error, I’ve really come up with a great routine. I’ve been following this for the past few months and the results are life-changing.

Make sure you try step 7, it is probably one of the most important things I do to keep my skin soft and hydrated.

So, before we get going, there are 2 things that I think that make a big difference to having hydrated skin: water intake and a proper vitamin regimen. I’ll be talking about those two things in a post coming up very soon so stay tuned.

As for my shower routine, on days I wash my hair and wear it straight, I have struggled to keep it moisturized but not too oily. For me, the key has been a really good shampoo and an excellent deep conditioner.

*Note: If I’m wearing my hair curly, my routine is totally different because I don’t blow dry it on those days and my needs are different which means I usually use different products.

Step 1: The best affordable drug store shampoo I’ve ever used. Coming in at just under $5, this shampoo really gets my hair clean without depositing a bunch of chemical residue. After I rinse, I’m left with clean hair that is perfectly primed for a deep conditioner. When I use this shampoo, my hair has a lot of body and feels really soft.

Step 2: I always start my routine with taking care of my hair so that I can leave my conditioner on while I wash the rest of my body. I typically alternate deep conditioning treatments – and this is the more affordable product that I like to use. I really love how my hair smells after I use this deep conditioner.

I will also link an even more affordable drugstore deep conditioner that I think is pretty good too. Click here to shop!

*Tip: If you’re blonde, condition from root to tip. I never used to do this because I was worried about having oily hair but I’ve found it has really helped my hair stay healthy and moisturized.

Step 3: This is perhaps one of the most important steps. I wash my face with a gentle cleanser. I like this one by Dermae because it is gentle enough even when I’m wearing lash extensions.

Step 3 Part 2: I really enjoy using this cleansing brush because it comes with two heads: one for your body and one for your face. I use the brush on my body daily and I love how it leaves my skin feeling very clean and primed for a body oil.

Get the cleansing brush here

Step 4: A great soap. I alternate between body wash and body soap. I love scents that are complimentary to the body oil I’m using at the moment. This one works nicely with step 7.

Step 5: Fragrance free cleansing wash. There are a lot of brands out there that make PH balancing products and I highly recommend including one in your routine. However, many of them are pricey. This one is under $5 and works great.

Step 7: Eucalyptus body oil. I use body oils in the shower – that’s a tip I learned from Tommy and it has been life changing for me. I like to put it on as my very last in-shower step and rinse it off afterwards. I find that it leaves my skin really soft but not overly oily and I don’t have to worry about getting oil all over my bathroom rugs this way.

Step 8: Toner – I love this spray toner by Dermae because it smells amazing. I like to spray it on right after the shower and when it drys, I finish with my favorite moisturizer.

shop my routine here

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