Saturday style

Saturdays are for…

errands (translation: shopping 😉

working out?

eating delicious foods!

discovering new parts of the city




and so much more

So with that being said, when I think about the ultimate chill but still chic Saturday look it needs to be comfortable and include layers. As the weather gets a bit cooler I think a lot of us gravitate towards black but I know I really love pastels and lighter colors because I think they really make you stand out especially in the colder seasons.

So a couple of things to note:

  1. I included my absolute favorite water bottle, this thing feels like it is industrial strength. Its such great quality and keeps my water cold all day.
  2. I switched to silk scrunchies and it has made all the difference. My hair has a lot less breakage than ever before.
  3. The sweatshirt top is part of a really cute set which I have styled a bunch of different ways because it is such a great quality set – a must have for fall and winter.

Shop this look here!

Shop this look here!

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