plus size fall trend: the gold Babydoll dress

When I think of fall, these boots come to mind, and this jacket and of course this stunning gold dress. In fact, I love this dress so much that I put 3 looks together.

For me, the first look is feminine but very much says I’m pretty but I’m also a kickass lady you shouldn’t mess with. Each piece is equally stunning but I love how each piece compliments the others for a perfect date night look with a new guy who hasn’t quite figured out just what you’re about yet. Why not let him guess a little longer?

Look # 2 is the very thing I’d wear to brunch at a restaurant I can’t afford rn. This look is a mixture of designer and designer inspired (affordable) pieces and I just love each piece. I think I die a little bit each time I look at the headband. You’ll be shocked at how affordable this bag is!

This next look shouldn’t be a surprise, because if I end up getting this leopard coat, I’ll be wearing it at least twice per week. I put this look together around the headband and since it is really colorful, I think it would look great with a bright shoe and a neutral bag.

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