The shirt dress: every girl’s must have fall staple

You are not a doll to be put in a box. You can be sexy one day and dress like a librarian the next day if you want to. You can wear a boyish pantsuit with a lace blouse and sneakers, if you want to. If we’ve learned anything this year, hopefully we’ve learned that the rules are changing so frequently that we should question them. Frankly, I’ve always believed that when it comes to fashion, there are no rules.

Today’s post is all about a piece that is so versatile you can go from librarian to streetstyle. This post is about wearing what sparks your joy. This outfit might not be the thing you wear to your son’s baseball game but maybe it inspires you to wear the outfit you’ve been hiding in your closet because you’re just not sure it will be received well by your people. Today, I’m challenging you to wear it. I did, and I love how it turned out.


This wear-everywhere shirt dress is an absolute bargain and I’m so glad I ordered it because as I prepare for colder weather, I often ask myself how I can incorporate old accessories with new dresses/coats etc because I don’t have the budget or the closet space to buy everything new every year and that just isn’t fiscally responsible anyway, is it?

It is so much better to reinvent your look time and time again mixing the old and the new – for me, that is what keeps fashion exciting.

I recently picked up this stunning oversized $25 camo jacket, which I talked about recently (click here for sizing and more) and it pairs very well for casual and dressy looks too but I wasn’t quite sure about wearing it with something like this new shirt dress until I saw it on.

Style tip: Always be open to trying something new – that is hands down how I create my looks, by literally just trying things on together in front of my full length mirror.

This look is more librarian than anything – which for me is little more daring because I don’t usually ever dress in such a scholastic way and that is why I love it.

What I love about this shirt dress is that it is very versatile – it looks great worn as a dress but you can just as easily unbutton it and wear it as a duster cardigan which makes it very versatile. It is the perfect wear everywhere piece for plus sizes this fall. I love the rust color because it pairs nicely with greens, oranges, mauves and you can even punch it up by popping it on with a neon orange if you are so bold (click here to see how I did it).

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