plus size Emily in paris outfit

I waited behind a pretty little brunette who looked just like Lilly Collins – you know, the actress in Emily in Paris. She might have been 19 or 20 and had that dewy pale skin that makes you wonder if she even knows what a pore is. She seemed to dance as she walked up and down the aisle looking at the loungewear that adorned the front of the registers. She could wear any of this, but was only buying a simple pair of cream sweatpants. They looked cute. I wondered if they came in my size as I admired her healthy but short hair that had been pulled into a barely there ponytail. Her nails were painted white and she wore plain white sneakers, black jeans and a nude cami with a nude Chloe bag.

She had really simple but chic taste – I’ve admired that about the younger bloggers I see on Instagram these days. They’re not all complicating their lives with nearly as much color as I am. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like if I woke up one day and threw it all out. I find myself daydreaming about becoming like The Grey Layers, for example. Her style is chic but simple and almost monochromatic. I imagine that when you walk into her closet maybe it all goes together – maybe it all blends like grains of sand on the Bahamian shoreline.

The truth about my closet is this: She is passionate but overly full. Racks break and too often I find myself thinking I should offer a massive discount and just sell everything on a random Saturday as part of a live sale on Instagram or Facebook – or maybe here on the blog. If that sounds interesting to you – make sure you’re on my email list so you’ll get the exclusive invitation link.

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My pile of clothes was much heavier than the pretty little brunette’s purchase. My arms were full of items that might fit, might be over budget and might be … well possibilities. That’s how I think of fashion – it is a big beautiful possibility even in a world as dark and scary as 2020.

When I got to the register, the SA told me this dress was only $4. What? How could I not buy it? Note to self: This is precisely how I have become the girl with the closet large enough to clothe a city.

What I didn’t expect was how well this dress would fit. The tag said this dress is a size 12. The cynic who lives inside my head, imagine Jaffar, cackles at the idea that my fat ass (will be wearing a dress meant for a size 12).

When I got home and saw how well it fit, I knew it would be perfect for the Emily In Paris inspired look I’ve been planning to put together. So, my friends, what do you think of my take on the style worn in the show everyone in the fashion world is raving about?

The details…

I paired it with my newest designer bag, a simple black felt hat (<$25), nude heels and a red moto jacket. Shop the look here!

How can you get this look?

You can shop the post here– but I’ll break it down for you below:

  1. Choose a long-sleeve floral dress
  2. Choose a leather color (black, red, cream, nude, black etc) for your belt bag
  3. Choose a white or black hat (white if there are white elements in the dress, black if not) *black is pretty much always a safe bet
  4. Shoes: I wore a sandal because I live in a warm climate. To keep this look simple, you can pair it with a flat or healed bootie. Match the color of your hat – my expert tip is this: Go with a white bootie and a black hat for a fun twist!

shop my look & recommendations here!

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