not your mothers house dress: Tent I say QUOI!

I used to think anything that even resembled a house dress was not for me. Boy was I wrong. Listen, there is a reason they are called house dresses. Sure you can pop a belt on and satisfy that little Karen that sometimes lives in our minds and that tells us we have to have a defined body shape at all times to be fashionable, but there is something very chic and empowering about wearing something a bit oversized.

For me the feeling is a kin to je ne sais quoi but it is more. It is Tent I Say Quoi: the essence of wearing a mumu and not giving any fucks about satisfying the male gaze.

What do you think? Is it too much like something mom would wear while making breakfast? And if so, do we care? Aren’t we mothers too? If not to babies, to plants? To our projects? To so many other things that we nurse?

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