how to style floral this fall 2020

I recently asked myself why I never seem to have enough floral outfits. They remind me of someone whose memory I hold in my heart. I wrote about the last time I saw her, here.

When I think about how beautiful she would have looked in this print, it makes me a little sad. She was my inspiration of femininity and power and strength. Growing up, I wanted to be like her. She taught me that strong women endure no matter what.

I just wish I still had her here with me today so she could see this video.

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So she could see that I didn’t give up, that I’m not the monster they said I was. One day, I might have the courage to write about what happened but today isn’t that day. Today I simply sit here, behind my screen and I admire the woman I have become since they are not here to tell me that I am worthy of their love. Today I know that I always was worthy, even if they couldn’t see it.

And I think I know why I love floral. For me, floral print is easily worn with other prints. You can pair it with just about anything: a solid, stripes, plaid, another floral or even leopard print. Florals give you the opportunity to turn any casual outfit into something just a bit more feminine.

Shop this post here!
Shop this post here!

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