The sweatshirt dress for Under $20

If you saw my recent try on haul, you might have seen this dress. You might have wondered what you’d wear it with. When I got it, I sort of second guessed it for a moment. Sure it’s very comfortable but would I wear it out? Yes. I have been wearing it everywhere as the weather has started to cool down. As it turns out, this shape is really great over leggings. Like really great and if I still owned ugg boots (I’m not above wearing them for cozy purposes when in a climate that necessitates it) I would definetely snuggle up in this little dress, leggings and some Uggs.

I received it in black and in green and I’ve been wearing both so much that I think I might need it in red too. These sweatshirt dresses have been keeping me really warm when I work late in the evenings and today, I wore the black one over a pair of leopard print bike shorts to run errands. It was a very cute and cozy outfit that I know I’ll wear again.

Shop the dress here / everything else here!

how to dress up a sweatshirt dress to make it look cool
Shop everything here!

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