Monochrome: how to dress chic but not boring

If you’ve been with me for years, you might be a little surprised to see me say that I love monochrome looks. But wait – I thought BB was all about bright colors? I love wearing color. The monochrome trend does not exclude wearing color – in fact its more about choosing pieces that are in the same color family and playing off that to create a very cohesive look.

For today’s post, I created 4 fun monochrome looks that are very simple to demonstrate my point: dressing in this trend is actually very easy.

Statement + Compliment method:

  1. Choose a statement piece you love (skirt, top or pant). This piece should fit well and have either an interesting fabric or texture that stands out. For today’s look, I chose a silky pleated skirt.
  2. Choose a complimentary separate (skirt, top or pant) to finish the look. This piece should be simple with a texture or fabric that is not as eye catching as selection number one. When you put both pieces together, this allows the eye to focus on the overall cohesive look rather than two distracting separates.

Watch the video below to see how I illustrate this point. For example, in look 2 I switch up the pieces and the top becomes the statement and the skirt is the compliment. These looks are designed to be worn to the office and although look number 2 is bold, I would wear it. Pair with an open longline blazer for added drama.

Everything is linked HERE! I’m wearing size xxl in everything.

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