Will you marry me?

She tugged at the leash and pulling me towards her, we barrelled toward the cliff. When I looked back, I saw him hunched over the open trunk looking for something in his suitcase. He soon caught up with us in the sand.

We stopped at the edge of the cliff overlooking El Matador Beach and I started recording the waves crashing against the shoreline for an Instagram story I planned to post later, I remembered that I had always wanted to swim with Tommy and Chevelle here but today it was too cold and we weren’t going anywhere near the water. From the corner of my eye, he stood there stiff, staring off into the distance. I wondered if he was sick.

“Are you ok hon?” I asked him before locking my phone and sliding it into the waistband of my layered white skirt.

He didn’t say a thing and suddenly Chevelle was yanking on her leash once again prompting me to step forward to allow her to chase an undeniably strong scent. I stopped abruptly and when I looked back at him, he was reaching toward me so I let him pull me close as he sometimes did.

“I want to thank you for being patient with me” was all he could muster before dropping to one knee, brandishing a leather box and telling me just how ready he had suddenly become.

And for years, I always thought everything after this would be happily ever after.

To be continued…

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